Blu ray player with 5.1, any decent ones?


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Well I'm thinking of buying my first full HD screen soon and I figure I ought to get a decent blu ray player with it to make the most.
Only really budgeting about £200, maybe £250.
I have a lot of DVD's at the moment and quite a lot of downloaded media. But certain things I'd love to see on blu ray

Not a lot considering what some of the guys on here spend on their kit but anyone got a suggestion, best bang for buck?


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Purely on the fact that it won Best BluRay Player (upto £300) in a recent magazine Awards issue, take a look at the Panasonic DMP-BDT210. Bit of shopping round and you can find it for around the £160 mark at the moment.



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Do you mean analogue outs or a system with speakers TBH I can't recommend either.


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System with speakers, I'm assuming buying the blu ray player, amp and speakers seperate is going to cost a bit more than £250 even second hand...


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Wow, that actually looks really good.
I'm just getting into this whole high def thing, never owned anything more than basic tv/ dvd player before so I'm never sure what parts go together or whats a good system.
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