Blu-ray player will not send lossless Bitstream, only lossy?!


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I have a Panny BDT110, hooked up to an Onkyo SR508 via HDMI.

I've had this player for about a year and it has always sent lossless audio to the receiver via Bitstream. I would always get the HD codec name showing up on the receiver, DTS-HD MA or TrueHD etc.

I've altered no settings but now whenever I listen to a DTS-HD or TrueHD track they display on the receiver as DTS or Dolby.

I'm aware that this would happen if the BD-Secondary Audio option was set to On, but it is and always has been set to Off.

It's not the receiver or the HDMI cable as I have another Panny Blu-ray player and I have connected it to the receiver using the same HDMI cable and the same HDMI terminal and lossless Bitstream works fine.

The firmware was slightly out of date so I updated it but this had made no difference.

I actually had this same thing happen with the other Panny Blu-ray player some months ago, but it only lasted a few minutes, and a quick reset solved it. I have reset this player, and reset all the options to the default and set them again many many times but it hasn't done a thing. It's been like this for 48 hours now.

Changing the Blu-ray audio output from Bitstream to PCM allows me to get multi-channel PCM fine, but I would really prefer to use Bitstream like I have been for the past year.

Any ideas?

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