Blu-ray player not working on Grundig TV


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I´m new on this forum but I hope you can help me.

My mother has a Grundig Vision 6 37" tv, it´s a couple of years old, so I´m guessing it´s only HD-ready 720p.
The problem is, that I bought her a Panasonic DMP-BD75 Blu-ray player for christmas, but after hooking it up and starting it, I see the Blu-ray logo while it´s starting, but when the main menu should appear the screen turns blue like it´s not receiving any signals.
I brought it back to the store and they tested it, and it worked fine on a TV they had there.

So I´m wondering if my mom´s TV might be to old or something but I think that is strange, anyone had a similar problem who might know a solution?

I tested the player with two different HDMI-cabels and made sure I was on the right source on the TV.

Thanks for any help :)


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Sounds as though you need to set output res to 1080i or 720p rather than auto.
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