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Aug 27, 2003
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Hi I'm currently using my ps3 for blu rays which I have for several years and always been fairly happy with it but am debating getting a stand alone blu ray play. At some point I will get the ps4 and use ps3 in tne bed room.

Now this is the question would a stand alone player produce a better image and sound than the ps3 or 4. Both will be run through a reciever. I would spend upto 200 if needed.

I'm well out of loop on players so if a stand alone would be better players would I be best looking at?

my understanding is it would make no difference at all to a blu ray picture or the sound - since it is digital the player outputs the same signal regardless and the receiver decodes the digital sound so that would be the same as well

i have used a ps3 for the last few years - apart from the fan noise it was a top player.

the extra money on a player gives you better build quality, wi fi, netflix etc but PS4 does all that anyway

if you intend on getting a ps4 anyway, you might as well buy one now
Ok cheers mate. I'm suprised I was execting there to be a slight improvement over the ps3 or 4 by using a deducted good quality player. May just get ps4 then unless someone advised different
I don't think the PS4 plays 3d BR's though? Neither does the XBOne apparently. So if that's something your looking for, then you will still need a BR player.
3d isn't an issue to be honest as don't have a 3d tv and quite possibly won't for a long time. I would imagine ps4 will have 3d at some point. I would imagine that the sony blu rays upto 200 will possibly be no different and offer nothing in the lines of picture and sound quality over the ps3 or 4 and would need to spend more to get an improvement. Was half looking at the oppos. Do you think they would offer any improvement,
Is there anyone that could advise on whether an oppo 103 would be provide better sound and picture quality over ps3 thanks
As a rule bluray playback will be very similar, but what screen are you using?
Thanks. My screen is just a fairly average 50 inch Panasonic plasma. Think it was around 800 a year ago so nothing mega special

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