Blu Ray- no region coding?


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Sony have just announced that Japanese Blu Ray players will have the same region code as US players.
Maybe the manufacturers will take the High Def excuse to get rid of coding altogether?
Don't forget, Sony own Columbia pictures, so maybe they've realised that region codes are a useless, artificial device to try to keep their release schedules intact.
What does anyone else think?


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BluRay is already region coded but with less regions that normal DVD:

Region A: US/Canada/Japan
Region B: Europe
Region C: Everywhere else

...the players available in the US are already sporting A encoding so the odds of it being dropped are zero. As of yet though HD DVD doesn't have any regional coding - hopefully US discs will play on the UK HD DVD player due in November.


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Ooh! That's great news about HD-Dvd! How come loads more people over here haven't bought a US player then?

Fears that I wouldn't be able to play UK discs on it has certainly been my main reason for not buying one.

With the current exchange rate, US discs are not much more than SD dvds over here...


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How come loads more people over here haven't bought a US player then?
Goto the HD DVD and BluRay forum and you'll find lots have (including me!). Infact several companies are offering some very good deals on them at the moment. If you want to play R2 SD DVDs though you'll need to wait for the UK player in November - although it'll probably cost somewhat more than a US import.
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