Blu-ray Homecinema with wireless rear speakers - which one ?


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I had a Sony DAV-DZ700 FW wireless home theatre all in one.
The DVD-player had a built in receiver + 5.1 speaker with connector for wireless transmission.

Problem is that there is blueray now and I had to sell the whole system.
An extra blueray player was not an option.

3 questions :

1> Can anyone recommend another all in one set (with blueray player-receiver/5.1 speakers with wireless rear speakers) ?

Maybe Samsung / LG / Panasonic ?

I saw the Sony BDV-E870 (but you have to buy the wireless unit seperately) & Sony BDV-E970 allready, but want to know from other brands, how their "wireless evolution" is.

2> What is most important in blueray players

3> Is HMDI 1.4 important & 3D ready ?

A lot of Sony's home cinema sets have S-AIR and some Samsung - LG or Panasonics have also all-in one systems with wireless 5.1 rear speakers.

Hope there are some experiences AV-forumers which know this by heart (or searched to buy themselves )
I'm more specialised in photography

Thanks for any help!!!


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I think the all-in-ones forum is your best bet. Hopefully a mod will move it for you.

With bluray players, you're looking for profile 2.0, decent load times and obviously picture and audio quality. Now that most players are capable of 1080p/24fps, the picture quality differences has reduced greatly. As you're going for a built-in player, you're going to have to search for reviews for the overall performance.

HDMI 1.4 isn't important in your case and to be honest, it has only just appeared on separates. If you're concerned with future proofing your setup, I would avoid an all-in-one system altogether and get separate player, AV receiver and speakers. I have covered wireless speakers on numerous occasions here. Let's just say, I'm not a fan. I can see their appeal but it is not difficult to hide/chase cables these days and once the cables are run, you can forget about them and upgrade your kit around it.

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