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Looking for a good all in 1 home cinema system.will be used with ps3 gaming and movies.anyone recommend something that looks and sound great...
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If you already have a PS3, which is a terrific bluray player, why look for a system with another player built-in?

I would personally look at the Onkyo packages e.g. HTS-3405/HTS-5405 and older 3305/5305 models or the Onkyo HTX-22HDX.

If it is an all-in-one that you want, I suggest visiting the relevant sub-forum:

All-in-one Systems Forum at

Posting a budget will also help people suggest something for you.


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Might got to currys tomorrow and pick 1 up on finance.anyone had finance with them before??need to know if they are easy to pass with?


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Scrap that currys is a no go for me.are.there any online retailers that do finance online that sell good home cinema systems


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for the money of that panasonic id look at what dave puma suggested,The Onkyo is probably a better sounding system all round, far more future proof and has a lot more connections on the back, and will be fair bit cheaper than that,

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