Blu-ray Home Cinema. Only 1 hdmi output how do i get raspberry pi raspbmc to use speakers pls?


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Panasonic SC-BTT400,

not sure what type of splitter i need to buy but i was trying to get sound from my hdmi xbox 360 and sound from my raspbmc which is on the raspberry pi, but the system only has 1 hdmi socket so i have no idea what to do, please let me know how this can be done and thanks very much for any help. My tv is
Samsung UE32EH5000KXXU 32" LED TV


ps. it has optical which i guess my 360 can use but my pi is hdmi...
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Your Panasonic SC-BTT400 has both an HDMI input and an output. If wanting to connect more than one device to it via HDMI then you need an HDMI switch and not a splitter. Here's such a switch:®-SWITC...d=1401058461&sr=8-3&keywords=neet+HDMI+switch

This particular switch has 3 inputs and 1 output.. You connect your source devices to the inputs and your SC-BTT400's HDMI input to its output. You also need to connect the SC-BTT400's HDMI output to an HDMI input on your TV.

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