Blu-Ray HDMI cable not working on 1080i TV


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Sorry if this has already been asked, new to this forum...

I have a new Sony Blu-Ray (BDP-BX38) player. I also have a 60" Sony XBR rear projection 1080i TV (KDS-R60XBR1, circa 2006?). I am not able to get the HDMI cable to work between the two. I am using component cables and therefore not taking advantage of Blu-Ray technology as copyright protection only plays movies in 480.

I have the most current firmware installed on the player, but feel this may be a handshake issue.

Has anyone else come across this? Is the only fix to upgrade my TV to a 1080P set? Could this be an issue between the two Sony products and perhaps another brand Blu-Ray player may work?




Your TV can't accept a 1080p signal . Nothing short of changing the TV will change that.
You might be able to feed it a 720p or 1080i signal though. Does the Blu-ray player allow you to select one of those as a default ?


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Thanks for the reply.

I will try that. When using the set-up process, HDMI is not even an option to choose as it is not being recognized. I will check to see if I can change the output to 720 or 1080i with the component cables and then see if HDMI is recognized.


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I think it is a handshake issue with the TV. I can get the start-up screen and then it flashes green and then goes blank. I had this issue with my Comcast box years ago and that would not work with HDMI either.

I will check the player on another TV to rule that out.


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Try connecting by component only. If you connect both HDMI and component I think the player still looks for the HDMI handshake and resolution EDID data which it sounds like your screen can't accept. If you are lucky you may be able to connect by component only and set the output resolution of the player to 1080i and an acceptable fps like 60. Blu-ray usually comes in 1080p24 on disc but many players will convert.
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