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Hi, can anyone recommend an all in one Freeview+ HDD with Blu Ray Player and wireless media player all in one.

Basically I want a single box avoiding the need for 3 devices.
Wireless Media player
Blue Ray player
Freeview + box.

I did the usual google search and it seemed to suggest a Samsung but that had HDMI connection only, and the Panasonic DMR-BW880 which has HDMI and Scart.

The reason I want HDMI and scart is because it would be connected to a non HD TV for now and play DVD rather than blu ray. I assume Freeview HD+ can play non HD channels as there are not many HD channels at the moment.

It will also be connected to an Onkyo 508 AV receiver and Boston Acoustics XS 5.1 speakers with KEF wireless surround.

The amp and speakers have not been bought yet, and I therefore don't want to have to replace the TV now as I'm trying to spread the spend.

The Freeview HDD Blueray media player probably won't be needed till the new year some time as we don't switch to digital till March, so the DMR-E85H will do till then.

So can anyone recommend a good device that provides the wireless media capabilities of the Netgear EVA9000 or similar but supporting .mov quick time files that includes a blu ray and HDD. If there is no such device available yet, I guess I'll have to buy 2-3 devices and stack them up.

At the moment we mostly just use the TV for TV, but part of the reason for wanting the wifi DLNA is because we have a NAS that supports iTunes server and DLNA and uPnP and we never watch any of our holiday films back, it would be so convenient to be able to access iTunes content from the living room without the need to fire up the mac and to browse photos and video on the NAS and to be able to play BBC iPlayer on the TV without having to use the VGA lead and put the mac on the floor.

Any advice welcome



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Well I got the Onkyo and Boston set up now and the amp is huge and looks a bit imbalanced against the DMR-E85H on the other side of the fire place.

Anyway, regarding the wireless capability, I think it will now just be for iPlayer and video content rather than iTunes because having got the Sony NAS-Z200DIR for the kitchen it won't play DRM content anyway, so any audio would be FM/DAB or iPod doc on the Onkyo.

I think to balance up the aesthetics against the Onkyo we would probably be better off with a Freeview+HD box and a Blu Ray player with DLNA like LG do as that would hopefully find our local content and enable us to play everything we want, but as those devices don't have scart any more we'd have to upgrade to a HD TV at the same time, which as regular 1080p 42" TVs are cheap now shouldn't be too much of a biggie.

A stop gap for March would I guess be a cheap as chips freeview box connected to the DMR-E85H and just lose the ability to switch channels while away as the HDD would have to be set to record the AV channel and we'd have to select what channel we wanted to record before going out. But that's just a stop gap idea.

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