Blu-Ray has different colour balance to DVD


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Just wondered if someone has experienced the same effect?

When watching a BD compared to a DVD, the colour balance seems to be totally different and, in my opinion, the DVD looks better. The blu-ray disks seem to have a tint, and guess what, it's BLUE!!!

I am watching them both through an imported PS3 connected to a Pioneer PDP-5000EX. Since this is a 1080p panel which has a "Dot by Dot" mode, you can see clearly that all BDs produce images with stunning resolution. Mind you, feeding it with a 480p signal from DVD and using the scaler in the panel is also breathtaking.

The problem is the colour balance! I have calibrated the panel and fiddled with the settings to match the BD colours to DVD, but it is so different that it is almost impossible to correct. All BDs have a much colder picture and just don't look as natural as DVDs. I have tried numerous disks from my large R1 DVD collection and compared it to many RA BDs, the symptom is consistent throughout.

Any thoughts?


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Hmm interesting. I haven't noticed anything like that with HD-DVD. Colours have seemed very accurate (or as much as they can be on LCD). Do you get a blue tint with other video on PS3, or in games? Could it possible be to do with your cables? Do you have any others your could test with?

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Both my Hi-Def (HD-E1 & PS3) formats show good colour balance. Both are UK machines though.

To be honest, i got my PS3 for a tide over, till the 2nd gen stand alone players come out, and of course, go down in price. I've been very impressed with the Blu-ray picture. Looks as good as my Tosh. Shame its not multi region. :mad:


On my Sharp 1080P TV you need to switch to 'ITU709' on the HDMI settings, which is the colourspace for HD (apparently!).


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I've noticed this too. Its a sort of blue/green hue, I also see it on some Sky HD films. I have a Pio 436. Is there a preset for the HD colour space on this.


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