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I have been using my Xbox Series X and PS5 for DVD playback. Primarily it's for Blu Ray with an emphasis on DV and Atmos playback.

My sources go into a HD Fury Vertex 2 and then into a Samsung LSP9T that connects to a Samsung HW-950A soundbar by ARC.

DVDs have been purchased in the UK but I'll be buying and using the DVD player in the Czech Republic.

First question - will I get noticeably better image quality from a dedicated Blu Ray player than the PS5 (or Xbox Series X)?

Sound simply needs to be output in full and then gets passed through the projector via ARC to the soundbar.

Assuming the answer is yes, what would be the best one to go for? I don't mind spending so budget does not need to be a major consideration but I also don't want to pay for features that I don't need. For example, one rather expensive model I looked at seemed to have features that were more relevant to a sound system beyond the soundbar I am using. I have no interest in any apps as I have an Apple TV 4K.

I'd appreciate some thoughts on this.


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I don't think you'll getting any advantages of running a standalone player as well as the PS apart from a standalone being quieter in operation, depending on build quality. Play Stations are pretty good at video presentation and it's down to your TV if there is any upscaling to be done. Audio is going to be the same with it being processed by a soundbar.


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Does the PlayStation 5 have Dolby Vision now? I thought it didn't, although that may have changed.
That's where I wondered if a standalone player might be better. Although my LSP9T cannot display DV I am using an HD Fury Vertex 2 to get the full data and presenting the projector with a custom HDR feed.

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