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Recently I got my 200-disc 'wallet' of DVDs back & realized many of them I have already purchased again in HD blu-ray & in some cases UHD blu-ray.
That set me off on finding cases to merge them in, & found DVD+BR combo sets at the Dollar Tree store for, you guessed it, $1 USD each!

I loaded up on 20 of them, most of which were blu-ray+DVD combos, but a few just plain single-disc ones, of only about 4 I might actually watch.
Those latching design BR cases bug me, so I will change them out for the standard slot-design & sell the BR+latching box for 50 cents/each.

Anyone else this obsessive-compulsive?

By-The-Way, most of these DVDs have redeeming features, such as:
FOUR commentary tracks (Hostel)
Commentary (or Bonus content) on DVD, but not on BR
Thai subtitles
Thai DTS 5.1 soundtrack
special edition (director's cut, extended, unrated)


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I put these in shiny new cases:

King Kong (2005)
Straw Dogs remake
The Descent
Underworld: Evolution
5th Element
Jurassic World
Stir of Echoes

these are now in BR+DVD combo cases:

A Man Apart
Star Trek: First Contact
Shutter (U.S. BR) + original (Thai) on DVD
Fight Club
Dracula (1992)

I recouped half the cash selling the remaining pared down blu-rays locally.

and I have some to watch before selling or deciding to keep:

Clash of the Titans (2011)
The Warlords (Jet Li)
Pirates of Somalia
จั๊กกะแหล๋น (Thai martial arts lady)

So all in, upgrading the cases & amalgamating my collection only cost me 50 cents/each.

I wanted to amalgamate the DVDs into some UHD sets, but those cases are not cheap!
That can happen later, when UHD discs are on clearance, maybe.


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Picked up a dozen blu-rays yesterday by going to every 2nd hand shop in a 50-mile radius, only took 3 hours, LOL!
Some of the cases are worse for wear, so then I went over to the local library's book-sale today, which included media like DVDs & blu-rays.

Picked up a dozen more blu-ray sets for $1 each, some of which I'll watch, but most of which I'll use for the case. A few are desirable because they hold 3 or 4 discs.

bonus, six of the films I got on blu-ray in the past two days had valid redemption codes for
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I brought home a couple of 4-disc blu-rays sets today & lo & behold, one of them was a double-stack style, which got me looking through my other cases & finding that some 2-disc cases I have were actually designed for FOUR. Happy Days!
Alien 3
all in on box!

next up, my Die Hard collection

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