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Quick question if I may. Is it ok to store blu ray discs in disc wallets/binders?

To save space, I usually get rid of the blu ray case (unless I really like the artwork) and store it separately whilst placing the discs into one of these.

033833 Hama CD/DVD/Blu-ray Wallet 120, black |

I stumbled across a post on another forum (not sure how or why, as you do) that said they had had playback issues as a result of this - damaging the discs. I've tried a couple of discs that have been stored like this for a few years and they seem fine. I also lay them horizontally rather than vertically. Just want to make sure I'm not storing them in a way that would add addition risk of playback issues in future.

The post I stumbled on then talked about using a hairdryer on the discs which somehow resolved the issue, but i got a bit lost on that part.

EDIT: The other thing I've been doing is keeping discs in their cases horizontally stacked on top of my blu ray player inside a cabinet, which does get quite hot and with not much airflow. Again, this doesn't seem to have caused any problems to the discs I've watched so far that have been stored there, but I've moved them elsewhere for now. The player is fine so far too.

Just a bit paranoid about disc storage after what I read.
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