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I have been having blu ray disc playback issues on my Samsung UE55KU6100 TV. I’ve experienced it now with 2 different blu ray players - one Sony and now a new Panasonic. I’ve also purchased a new Audioquest Pearl HDMI cable that is high quality and 100% shielded.

The issue, which is truly perplexing, is tiny little intermittent pauses that occur very quickly and at random points during playback. It will occur anything between 5 and 15 times during a film - it occurred possibly 10 times during The Revenant recently. Really seemed to struggle. Very occasionally it might have a little succession of these freezes. If I rewind when it occurs it doesn’t re-occur so it is not disc related. DVD playback is also seemingly unaffected.

I have replaced an old budget Sony blu ray player thinking it was that, but my new Panasonic DP-UB391EBK player is suffering the same problem.

I have switched all the picture correction settings on the TV off and changed the audio from bitstream to PCM. None of this seems to help.

Streaming HD / UHD or even HDR via Netflix is a joy and presents no playback issues.

I am left with the concern that it is the hdmi ports on the TV, which is no longer covered by warranty. Also, I have no idea why Samsung cram in the aerial cable input with the 2 hdmi ports at the far right hand side so all the cables are in close proximity with one another.

I am basically fed up to the back teeth with the problem and would greatly appreciate any help or advice.
I had something similar with mine, but the pauses were happening mainly when playing audio CDs via the TV (ARC) and amplifier. It happened only once with a bluray. I managed to rectify the issue by altering something within the bluray player (Panasonic UB300EBK) settings. I've just had a quick look at my settings but can't see which one it was and don't want to tamper with them, just in case the issue comes back. I would suggest a bit of trial and error with the bluray player settings.


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I have done that and the ‘field’ setting within the Panasonic might have actually solved this, for now anyway. Thanks.

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