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Thanks for that I thought that may be a list could be compiled so people don't have to search far and wide a bit like hotukdeals for bluray I find blockbuster has some good ex rental bargains on bluray i got hostel for £11, night at the museum for £12, layer cake for £11 I saw XXX for £9.99 and casino royale for £11.99


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my experience with BB ex rental DVD's were not the best. They had an awful lot of scratches that were affecting them being played properly. The saving I made on them was finally spent for a DVD-Doctor to rectify them.

Given the rumours that the HD media is believed to be more sensitive I'd rather stay out of that.




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I've bought a few pre owned Blu-ray titles from Gamestation. The last 2 had a few small scratches on them and having watched the films, I couldn't spot any problems.:thumbsup:


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DeVoteD (Australian Site) have got some good Blu-Ray prices. :thumbsup:

For example (using the padded envelope shipping option):
The Rock - AU$34.06 delivered (Approx. £13.95)
Con Air - AU$34.06 delivered (Approx. £13.95)
Air Force One - AU$33.65 delivered (Approx £13.80)

DVD Crave (another Australian site) have Blu-Rays (and HD-DVDs) which are similarly priced as well. :smashin:


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ordered the spidey 3 disc box set for £32 at the same time as the matrix set from sendit :thumbsup:

the 15th of oct is so far away :(

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