Blu Ray Audio - has anyone used it?


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I am struggling to understand the Blu Ray Audio format. I bought the Rolling Stones Grrr... set a while ago as it was a massive bargain at £10 for 50 tracks, but how do I get the best quality out of these discs?

I use a Marantz UD5007 into an SR7007 receiver as my home cinema system, but I have also got off-board DACs that I use for high quality listening through my headphones. As I understand it, I can't get the best feed from the Blu Ray Audio into my DAC. Is that right?

If I connect the analogue output from the UD5007 to an amp, I will be stuck with using whatever DAC is in the player, connecting by HDMI will use my AVR DAC and if I upgraded to a player with a digital output that would be limited to 16/48 anyway for copyright reasons.

If that is the case, the only people that will really benefit from this format are those who have got a very high end AVR whose DAC they are happy using as their main music source.


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Since the Grrr disc is stereo your blu ray player should be able to output to your outboard DAC via SPDIF, although I presume this can't be the case with your player as you have insinuated it doesn't have a digital out except HDMI, I dont think there is copyright restrictions in this case although I aren't sure. I thought it was just sacds that needed this sort of thing. In the case of a multichannel disc you would need to use HDMI to maintain quality over all the channels anyway or use the blu rays dac.


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But yes you are correct in that blu ray copy protection is limiting the output of spdif. Why dont you rip the disc to Flac and play it on your pc through your dac? That's what I did


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You ripped a BluRay AUDIO Disk to FLAC? What software did you use?

What is the point of Hi-Res Audio, if the improved resolution is blocked? I paid for a Hi-Res player. I paid for Hi-Res content, yet I'm blocked from hearing it? Does that really make sense?

In fact, there is a part of my that says this constitutes criminal Fraud. They are advertising something they are not delivering.

I'm guessing the only way to get true Hi-Resolution output is either with the Analog Out or more likely only with HDMI. HDMI is fine if you have an AV Receiver, but if you don't, you are cheated out of something you paid for.

Does anyone know if the output of the Analog Outs are scaled down?

I have to ask, if I am paying for Hi-Resolution files, then why am I not getting that Hi-Resolutions.

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