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Blu-ray and special features


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Why is it that most Blu-ray films are not having the extras ported over from the DVDs released (most only get commentary tracks and trailers)? I though one of the benefits of bigger disk space was to include more extras as well as improved AV. It's annoying as i want to enjoy the better quality but know that once DVDs slow down they'll re-release the Blu-ray with more extras.

Divide by zero

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I have to admit I don't give a damn about extras. On a couple of my favourite films, yeah - but then I buy the special editions of those anyways.

Special edition Blu Ray and HD will pop up once the formats are better established. I already have my fav films on DVD and am buying then again on BD and HD so in NO hurry there!

Greg Hook

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Not really discussing bargains, so moved to the HD Movies forum.



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It hasn't helped that Sony et al have persisted with MPEG2, which takes up a ton of space, as do uncompressed PCM 5.1 audio tracks. Now that the more efficient AVC codec is being adopted, along with TrueHD audio and those 50GB discs, we should start to see more extra features on BD platters.

I say should, because Sony are the kings of the double-dip and they will not miss the chance to re-release their early BD titles a few years down the road.
Yeah i noticed my copy of Night at the Museum had no proper extras. Only a trailer for Ice Age 2. How can the justify its price of £24 with no features. I got mine for £17 but still seems expensive.

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