Blu-ray All-in-One Systems ?


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Hi...Maybe I have not been looking hard enough but I'm surprised not to see any All in One Blu-ray home cinema systems? I've been holding out for nearly a year and am want to consider a 5:1 system incorporating Blu-ray player. Any advice, very welcome.


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I have a [email protected] old CRT telly and my basic DVD player has just packed it in so I want to buy some new kit. My ear and my expectations are not going to be as sophisticated as most on this forum.

I have a square living room about 20 square metres in size. I plan to buy a 37 inch or 40 inch HD telly, probably a panasonic. I also want a surround system and a blu ray player. The equipment will be to watch telly mostly, sport and movies mostly.

I thought the "easiest" approach might be to try buy an all-in-one system that included a blu ray player. But maybe I am making it more complicated by doing this or limiting myslef or excluding some really good value options by going for an all-in-one?

I know this post is probably typical of a newbie, and annoying to many, but any suggestions welcome - I have been trying to inform myself.

Are there more all in ones with BR now? If not am I mad to restrict myself to so few. What would be the things to look out for when selecting BR and all in one as separates? I really want to avoid compatibility issues and make sure I have enough slots/ports etc for all that I will need. Re budget, if I was to spend circa €400 (excluding telly obviously) would I get something I wont be disappointed with? Any help or suggestions much appreciated.
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