Blown logitech sub woofer


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purchased a set of these a couple of months ago,en

must say i was very impressed with the sound until the sub blew, i can doa warrenty on it but evrything has to go back and just cant be botherd with the hassel of it seing as the speakers are wall mounted for the pc.

ive tried getting logitech to just sell me the speaker itself, no luck there and non of the prefared repairers will fix it if its in warrenty unless they have a contract.

my question is can i purchase say a JBL 10" car sub with the same ohm level and such and just replace the blown speaker? what other parts of the sub need to be the same spec wise?

thanx in advance, James


Is it the actual driver that you've busted, or has a fuse gone or something? (very common on logiech systems)


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the sub is still working, but it just doesnt sound right at lower volumes, at higher volumes it sounds awfull! almost sounds like its farting haha

so what should i do, dont mind purchasing a new car sub woofer and using that IF its going to sound as good or better


No you can't, a different driver will change the sound.
If the system is setup like normal HT seperates then you could just replace the subwoofer, but if the 5.0 amp is in the sub you're stuffed.

This is why I dislike PC audio gear, if something goes you're knackered.


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Every driver (loudspeaker unit in Olde English) has different characteristics.

Its resonant frequency, frequency response, allowable cone movement, power requirements and power handling are all different.

Edit: Here's a useful guide to what the T-S parameters mean.

These describe the characteristics of individual drivers and allow enclosures to be designed which will produce the best results from any particular driver.

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