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Dec 31, 2003
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If you're getting a bit bored of your console (or even if you're not) inject more life into it by connecting it to a projector.

Just got my Panny AE500 today from Discount TV. Playing all my games in 16:9 with a 89" diagonal gives "break neck speed" a new meaning.

No matter what console 'does it' for you, you can rent a basic proj for about £10 a week, I guarantee you won't want to go back to the old 32" again...

yep I agree, big screen gaming is the best thing since stereo sound in games, totally awesome, Ive hardly used my consoles since my AE100 blew up, cant wait to get it fixed.
Couldnt agree more i now spend far more time playing games on my Z2 than i do watching dvds. HiDef from the xbox to the pj is amazing, its great when my mates come round as you can actually make out what is happening on a four way split screen :smashin:
I have hooked up my console to my PJ, but the games i play are a bit dark. So do other poeple find this? or do you just run the PJ in High-Lamp-power mode?

Surround sound is the biggie for me though, i really dont know how i lived without it!
How are you hooking it up? Dreamcast VGA and Gamecube Component was great, N64 S-video wasnt bad either.

I would give up surround sound any day of the week for a PJ, a good stereo set up is not much of a loss, in fact my projector is usually used with a good (wooden pair) of powered PC/Multi media stereo speakers.
PS2->Z2 via componant + burnout 2 in 1st person view = motion sickness!!!
ized, i had this problem but the Z2 has a game setting in its menu so i just select this and it brightens the image up. I also run the Z2 on low lamp mode and with the iris half closed and using game mode the picture is plenty bright enough.
The piccie I posted is of a PS2 connected via S-VHS to a panny ae500e.
the piccie is shone onto a bedsheet cos I haven't bought a screen yet, and it's plenty bright (I also have the projector on low lamp mode).
A direct comparison with the dvd player picture DOES show a slightly darker picture but you can correct this in the menu settings...
Gaffer you should see Soul Calibur 2 on the Panny AE500, running in true 750p through the xbox hi-def cable......

I never thought a projected image could look as good and crisp as that (and that is onto an off-white matt wall, can't wait to see it with the dedicated screen).
Yeah i have found the "Games" setting on the Z2, i guess i need to try more games, and in the evening. But trying to play SOCOM with daylight leaking thru the curtains was a nightmare, spotting moving SEALs was about as bad as when they are stationary on my TV...

Currently using S-Video, as the component is taken up with the DVD player, and its not exactly a quality S-vid cable at that. I just wondered if its a PJ/gaming thing, or me in particular.
Berserkgoose, how did you manage that?
I thought that mode was only available via DVI input?

(can't find dvi output on back of PS2, nor a cable for it).

My next step up would be connecting via RGBscart to the scart(?rgb) input on the back of the projector. (i've left component strictly for dvd player)
Okay guys, where can u get these projectors from that your using especially the Panny AE500 . I would be interested to see what you get for your bucks.

Can you really get a decent image from Sky TV or video games projecting it onto an off white wall???

oh yes :)

I have a lowly AE100 and that gorgeous to me (full 480p res for most progressive scan games). You can get those or the AE200 for around £700.

Some of the sods on here have the really nice AE500, which I think is about £1500 (same price as when I bought my AE100), and thats 1280x720 res, with smoothscreen and more contrast etc.

Thats your basic price banding - the Sanyo Z2 fits in at the high end of that. Add in a few hundred if you want a proper screen, or just project onto a matt white wall.
ized, what are you using for a screen as i had this very same problem with my Z2 when i was using blackout material. I painted the material ice storm 5/6 mixed and the image is now far more viewable, on the xbox at least, with ambient light.
Originally posted by iZed
Currently using S-Video, as the component is taken up with the DVD player, and its not exactly a quality S-vid cable at that. I just wondered if its a PJ/gaming thing, or me in particular.

Ized Im using an av switcher from (about £3.99) feeding in componant from DVD and PS2 then out to projector. Its hardwired so there is no visible degradation (or none that i can detect). Not elegant but means I dont have to faff with leads, just a switch
I've got a 6' blackout blind up right now. It's good for movies. I also have a 7' Draper Lumina pull down, but it ight take a bit more fixing, so the landlord might complain a bit.

I think i just need to try some more colourful games, all the dark gothic and stealthy ones are certainly not the easiest for contrast even on a TV. Unfortunately thats what i mostly play. I loaded up TimeSplitters 2 which looked good, so i'll have to give something else colourful like Bujingai or XIII a tryout also.

Cheers for the idea about a switcher nunew33, another box under the TV though... ;)
Izeds, its very "discrete". Its small enough to hide behind the back, just have to lean over when i need to switch. Only £2.79!!


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