Blood Diamond better on HD DVD than on BD



Warner Brings 'Blood Diamond' to Blu-ray, HD DVD
Thu Apr 19, 2007 at 03:03 AM ET
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Warner Home Entertainment is bringing 'Blood Diamond' to Blu-ray and HD DVD this summer, in two separate-but-unequal versions sure to generate controversy amongst early adopters.

Unlike the studio's usual policy of releasing identical Blu-ray and HD DVD releases of a title on the same date, Warner will instead debut 'Blood Diamond' about a month apart, with the Blu-ray hitting stores first on June 5, followed by the HD DVD on July 2.

What's more, while both versions will share identical tech specs, including matching 1080p transfers, supplemental content will be far from identical. The basic suite of extras are the same, including a filmmaker's commentary, four featurettes and a music video; however, the HD DVD will include a raft of exclusive cutting-edge features not included on the Blu-ray release.

The HD DVD of 'Blood Diamond' is the first announced next-gen title to include web-enabled extras, including allowing viewers to use their players to offer opinions in Warner's online polls, as well as view other special features such as maps of conflict pertaining to war-torn areas in Africa.

Furthermore, the HD DVD boasts an In-Movie Experience (IME) video commentary with additional behind-the-scenes and interview footage. And for the first time on 'Blood Diamond,' Warner will include the new Focus Points feature that takes the viewer to exciting in-depth featurettes and production diaries.

Despite the considerable differences between the Blu-ray and HD DVD, Warner has set an identical list price of $28.99 for each.

Warner's decision to offer such an impressive suite of extras on the HD DVD of 'Blood Diamond,' yet withhold them from the Blu-ray, marks a significant departure from the studio's previously "format agnostic" approach of issuing identical versions on both formats. While the impetus for this decision almost certainly stems from the delayed release of Blu-ray's BD-Java authoring environment, which makes advanced features such as IME impossible on current Blu-ray releases, in the past (with such IME-enhanced titles as 'The Matrix Trilogy' and "Batman Begins') Warner has chosen to simply withhold their release releasing a Blu-ray version until a future date. Their decision to downgrade the Blu-ray for 'Blood Diamond' instead is sure to generate controversy.,_HD_DVD/583
Identical price ? ;) That will go down well :)
Wonder if both of them will come with TrueHD/PCM soundtracks....that'll be the kicker for me...
I just changed my preorder to HD DVD.
I think that sums it up pretty well.
its out a month earlier on bluray. That must be worth something?

I'm not sure about all this web delivered content. I can't work out what content would benefit from being on the web rather than just putting it on the disc. Seems like an unnecessary gimmick to me.
For just one month? That is pretty much just the delivery time on the slower carriers.
Proof i think that the tools to actually encode a java based interative title are not fully functioning. No over reason for it, unless to covert all the interative features to BD from HD-DVD isnt possible or is too costly, could be either or both. Else why not just release the disc with all the features knowing future players will be good to go.

Big issue? not really but it does mean the double dip lives on:rolleyes: the price is cheeky though:thumbsdow I guess we need to wait until nov when this all becomes a non issue (evidently).
A good positive move.
I had this on SD...I think Warners shot themselves in the foot by not releasing this day/date with the SD.
I thought the film was pretty average but Leo's performances get better with every movie. I watched it once and sold it on and won't be getting it on HD or BD.
think I will still opt for the blu ray version as it comes without the added xbox 360 'fan' effect that most of my hd-dvds come with.
so they mess up the br in regards to the soundtrack as well as the added content - hmmmmmm thats pretty lousy

While I would agree having online content is a gimmick , the fact that this stuff isnt on the br at all is **** so reallly br is paying over the odds for an earlier release (as br customers are paying the same for less content)

very bad decision I think
For just one month? That is pretty much just the delivery time on the slower carriers.

Your still going to have to wait that time for the HD-DVD to come so its still a difference of 1 month ;)

I am not sure as to what version i will get yet, will wait for a review i think, all the HDi is a good idea but i normaly buy a movie for the movie and only on the big budget movies like Lord of the Rings, Spiderman etc do i want to see how some of the special effects were made
Still not going to make much difference to me, I have a big back log!! Stopped buying this month!! [well cut down anyway ;)]
... I have a big back log!!

After some four months since I got into HD I've only just caught up with the already-released discs that I wanted to buy :)
Can relax the cc a little now and only buy the new releases that I want to own as and when they come out.
I got fed up early last week waiting for any concrete info regarding a HD (be it BD or HD-DVD) release and ordered the SD R3 double disc from CD Wow for £8.50 :smashin:

Bargain price, but having flicked through the disc last night I wish I'd waited for the HD version as it looked so soft, blurry and oh so lacking detail in places. Horrid :mad:

This is the first SD disc I've bought since late last year and now I remember why.

I've been so spoiled by HD over the last few months, there really is no going back now.
I've been so spoiled by HD over the last few months, there really is no going back now.

My feelings too! :smashin:

I know the HDi may seem a bit gimmicky but I think it'd be great if, in the future, you could download extra/extended scenes that would integrate seamlessly with the original movie. For example, let's say that 6 months down the line they release "Blood Diamond: The Director's Cut", followed by "Blood Diamond: The Extended Wookie Specially Enhanced CGI Cut" you could download the additional bits (maybe for a small fee) and then you've got the option of having the original (on disk), followed by the special editions on disk and HDD! <takes off his rose tinted glasses>

Anyway, I'll be buying this because it's the first movie to have the network capability switched on (may as well be a guinea pig)! :thumbsup:

Pre-ordered the Blu-Ray edition from MovieTyme for £13.99! :thumbsup:
Anyone else getting this or will Jim and I be the only ones?! :rotfl:


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