Blood and Bone (2009)


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Have any of you martial arts fans managed to catch this little gem yet?

Blood and Bone

Ive just watched it in HD and thought i'd search on here but couldn't find a thing, fantastic martial arts film staring Michael Jai White

This guy should star in a few more of these simple ass kicking movies because you dont get too many these days and when we do get them, most are terrible.
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I watched it last week on dvd. I thought it was pretty good , although very very very thin on plot:D

Cant say i expected a plot, i watched it for the ass whoopin :D


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I watched this last night. Man can that guy kick ass :eek:

If he ever knocked my pint over. I would buy HIM a new one :D


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you guys should watch Black Dynamite although not for the Kung Fu! Its Hilarious:D
I'm watching Black Dynamite as i type, the style of the movie is so funny that i find myself laughing almost everytime someone speaks.


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Watched Blood & Bone last night, thought it was really good too. Loved the fight choreography, i kept on rewinding on many of the fight scenes. :cool:

If you liked this film, watch Redbelt not as many fancy moves but the story is good.


The story line and acting are pretty weak, but the fight scenes were very good. :)


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Watched this last night and was greatly surprised. The story and acting are by no means great but they are serviceable and much better than the usual direct to DVD crap.

Might scenes as mentioned come frequently and are done very well.

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