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Hi Folks

My husband ordered me a new iPod and then left the country for a month! He gave me a quick tutorial on the iTunes management thingy and said to follow the instructions to set up my iPod. So, today I have tried to get it sorted and have failed miserably. I admit that I am a bit of a technophobe and usually leave all things computing to my husband!

The story so far is that I connected the iPod to the port on the front of the computer. I have successfully registered with Apple (they sent me an email saying so). I clicked on the download updated software bit (waited ages and then found that it was in a queue whilst the computer downloaded some podcasts, so I paused them to let it update my iPod). It downloaded the update but then said it couldn't put them on my iPod because it didn't recognise my name. My husband has his iPod on there and I registered mine under my name. Now, my iPod is still plugged in (and I presume, charging) but it no longer lists it on the left hand side of the screen and therefore, I can't eject it. I am frightened that I am going to a) screw up my iPod and b) lose all his stuff ! :confused:

All help gratefully received! Thanks. :lease:


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If your ipod isn't listed on the left it's OK to remove.:smashin:

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