Blocking Unwanted Texts that give no option to Block?


Hi all, so before anyone says "block the number", that does not work.

Some details:
I have a Samsung SA02. My number has been taken by several companies and they keep giving me updated messages. When the messages appear, they do not show the number, but the name of the company. When I check the message, there is no option to block the contact. I have tried a couple apps, but all they do is block calls, not texts.

I have enclosed some screenshots for you guys to see. Any suggestions would be appreciated, as I've tried contacting these companies to get my number removed and they just havent done it.

In the screenshots, one of the main problem numbers is ArdentHire (they are a machine hire company FYI). If I go onto messages from my secondary phone (I keep multiple phones, for different purposes, and I text notes to myself, between them), you see that in the top right there is the 3 dots in the top right which allows me to then block the number. If I go onto the ArdentHire number, you see all of the notifications they send me, but only the bin icon in the top right. No option to block them.

Genuinely curious how they are able to do this and if there is a way to permanently block them.

Look forward to your replies


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Do you think it would offer blocking for the numbers I am describing? Just downloaded it there, and its asking for a donation to use the block function. While I am not short of change, I must ask if this is a sales tactic?

Dave X

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As far as I'm aware yes, and the block command is definitely there for non-number texts. I bought the app to use the mute feature for a number of those sort of texts and it works perfectly for that.


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