Blocking issue, PSU replaced


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Ive had my HD box since October 06 and over the past few months ive been getting the typical blocking issue on channels. Breaking up, sound going, freezing and getting error 28 'no signal' every morning. Last week I had the PSU replaced, hoping that this was going to cure the issue.

But today, im still gettin blocking, this time on SD channels when before it was only on HD. And im still getting the error message every morning. I think the error message is due to being on a single feed, with single feed mode on and Anytime still active, but it could be connected.

So now ive ruled out the PSU issue whats the next step to try before having to go down the new box route?



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Check the dish alignment - obstructions in the line-of-sight to the satellite ( trees etc), and the LNB feed cabling to the box. Then do a mains re-boot.
If that doesn't fix it, try a new LNB, before ditching the box. LNB's don't last forever.
I would upgrade it to a quad output LNB, as well. They are cheap enough.
Best of luck.
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Have you tried switching Anytime off? :rolleyes:


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Im loath to turn Anytime off as its the only way I get to watch some good stuff as cant do the duel recording thing, due to it being a communal dish, and the wife is very picky over what she watches!

As for the LNB, its the same above with it being a communal dish, and we are quite far from it as well, replacing the LNB, checking the dish alignment etc is not somethng easily done.

But thanks for your suggestions, it gives me something to work on.


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Who replaced the PSU and what make is the box?


It was done by Evitts tv, from the list of recommend people on Satcure's website. So im certain the job is a good one. Looking at the old capcitors, there was only slight bulging in a few of them, not as bad as ive seen in some peoples.

As with all 2006 boxes its one of the Thomson ones. :smashin:


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The 'No Satellite Signal' message is because you are still using Anytime in Single Feed Mode. It should be left disabled as the default setting.

The picture blocking may be a fault in the communal system. Is anyone else on the system getting the same problems? If possible, try another digibox to eliminate ( or not ) your own box as the cause.


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Thanks Kendin, will get asking around to see if anyone has the same issues.

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