Blockbuster ex-rentals


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Blockbuster are doing a 2 for 1 on £7.99 and below ex-rentals and 3 for 2 on higher priced ones. The £7.99 ones tend to be a bit older, like Daredevil and Star Trek Nemesis for example (in fact, they charged me £5.98 for both these titles so they may have dropped a bit). Newer and older but popular titles tend to be £9.99, like LOTR, Hulk, T3. Worth a look, and they will swap them for another copy if they fail within a year.


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I used to get ex-rental vids from BB as they were often better than sell through. But I have stopped renting DVDs that have been out more than a week or two cos I'm fed up with watching half a film and then it jumping, pixellating or otherwise becoming unwatchable due to the previous idiots renting it and using it as a frisbee or ashtray.
I guess you may get lucky but I would prefer to pay a few quid more and get it new IMHO. BTW the 2 disc hulk is in the HMV sale - 9.99 new!


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These last few months I've had the missfortune to rent a few DVds, I know they are easily marked due to fair wear and tear, but honestly, I have to conclude some of those discs must have been deliberately damaged (new titles too).

I only hope I never have the missfortune to follow the customer again who must have a passion for what can only be described as as cheap and chearful tin of salmon.....I only hope he never rents Finding Nemo.


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I have had a number or ex-rentals and so far have not had a problem. I do a crude check for serious damage by holding them up to the light and after purchase give them a wipe with distilled water. There's always the 1 year guarantee to fall back on.


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I used to work in Blockies and wouldn't touch the ex-rentals with a bargepole tried crudely to another slightly longer bargepole.

People used to bring back discs deliberately scratched because they'd had an argument with a member of staff, one had curry smeared all over it, people would shove them thru the drop-box without a cover and then refuse to pay for a replacement because it had got scratched.


And the management refused to buy a dvd scratch-repair system for the ex-rentals (my suggestion) because they made such a killing off them (massive returns or not) they couldn't care less.


Rental-specific dvds are often pants anyway (in terms of PQ and extras, i.e. none).


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I've bought quite a few BB ex-rentals and have never had one that doesn't play. Probably more luck than anything else. However, I'm buying far fewer now as I have been caught out a couple of times, more through stupidity on my part than anything else. For example I bought a copy of 'Secretary' from BB. I went to view it and it turned out it was 4:3 fullscreen with no extras:( .
Also far too many are now branded 'Rental Only' in HUGE letters across the covers. For the sake of a pound or two I'm shying away from ex-rentals and swaying towards waiting a few weeks for those new releases to drop in price to a reasonable level.


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The way I see it, if I pay four quid for an ex-rental that's only just over the rental charge. If I watch it once and lend it to a friend I've more than got my money's worth. I'm not one for watching films over and over again, so I wouldn't spend much more that that on a film anyway, except for exceptional ones or music DVD's.


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Was very happy to find Jurassic Park III and Cliffhanger in a local store today £7.99 total for both.
Queued for about 10 mins, then waited a further 5 only to be told by the sales assistant that she couldn't find either of them!


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Bought T3 and it had lots of tiny marks that I thought would be fine. I've never heard my player work so hard, kept stopping and starting but never quite crashed.

Never again

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