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I like the look of this new app, although having to do it all online before watching on the Xbox is a bit clunky.

Is all the content on the website available on the Xbox, or is it just a selection? The free TV shows look good, buti can't seem to get them on the Xbox.

You get £5 credit when you put £1 on your account too.


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I subscribed to Blinkbox on my Samsung SMART TV. Rented 'The Three Musketeers', but about 20 minuets into the film it froze. The following night I tried again and got 30 minuets into the film before it froze again.
I emailed blinkbox and I received a reply that I should email their support dept. I emailed Blinkbox support two weeks ago and I'm still waiting for a reply.
Perhaps this is not the best thing that TESCO's has get into to.


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Is BB on the 360 working for anyone else? Having a problem where it throws up an error if I try to play something, stating I need to install the optional media update (which is already installed of course as I've played a movie on BB before).

Tried deleting both the app and optional media update and reinstalled both to see if that helps, it doesn't. I emailed customer services a few days ago but they haven't responded as yet (it's the weekend now, so I'll see if they respond this week).

All other streaming sites work fine.

It's frustrating as I was looking forward to watching some of the new releases.

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