Bless my wife


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Only been married 3 weeks, and my lovley wife has gone and orderd me a PSP for my 30th, Bless! :clap:

Unfortunatly, she ordered if from the HMV website, so I have no idea when it's gonna arrive (been sitting at "order not yet processed" since she ordered it on sunday 2nd it could be weeks??? depending on when they actually get any in stock) :(

So my bright idea of getting a couple of games now so that i have when it arrives has back fired... it's not helping me be patient!! hehehehe

Anyone know what the current rate of PSP's getting delivered to Stockist's is?? (2 a week if their lucky from what i've heard)



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The only place I've seen that has been getting decent levels of stock in (online) is I got mine from them a couple of weeks ago.

If your wife can cancel with HMV, get her to order with and they send it next day delivery. Might take an extra day as you're in Scotland. It's in stock at the moment and has been for a while now.

Congratulations on getting married, and happy birthday! :thumbsup:


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JAP PSPs are just as good as UK ones. They'll play the same games and the same movies. In fact, they may be better as the UK ones, no doubt, have their volume limited due to that EU law. So the JAP one will be louder.


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My ex girlfriend said when we were dating that if we got married she'd make me get rid of my psp. This is what i said to her: :hiya:


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Noooo. just tried to log onto HMV site to check order, and got told the account was suspended, and to contact customer services... a number to call would be nice??

not sure if this is cause i've been loggin in about 10 times a day to check the order, or if it's to do with them shifting offices.. GRRR!!! :(

---- Update------

Problem was due to said new wife changing last name, and conflicting with name on card, and delivery address... <sigh> Was told all orders on suspended account will be cancelled... so popped over to Play247 and ordered it there (with Free donnie darko UMD) so thanks for the heads up mate!

Now just gotta sit and look at umd discs... calling my name.. :( cause chances are it wont be here by my burfday on saturday boo hooo.

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