Bleh, Movietyme!


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I ordered Spiderman R1 WS from Movietyme a week last Monday (the 21st) after hearing they were shipping (and cancelling my order from Play - doh!). When I ordered, their website listed it as in stock and shipping. I got an e-mail confirming dispatch the same day but it still isnt here!

Worse still, they don't answer my e-mails and their "customer service" phone number in this country appears to be an answerphone. :(

The thing is, I've got family coming over to see it this weekend! How long do Movietyme ussually take to deliver to the UK they say it can take up to 14 working days for discs to arrive on one page. But they now list it as a title they can deliver next day on their website, so they can't be out of stock?!

Does anyone know of any reliable next-day suppliers of R1 discs? I think I need to buy it somewhere else and sell the spare if it ever turns up. :(


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future entertainment deliveies now take at least 5 days to arrive

if you want discs to arrive quickly try discemporium, interdvd or laservisual they only take about 2 days but they charge more spiderman costs £20.99:eek:


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Movietyme usually take two or three days. If you send them an email it does take them a while to answer but they do answer. They have a new service up and running for next day deliver which is handy but the discs (including P&P) cost £23 odd!!:eek: :eek:


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My copy finally turned up today (11 days after dispatch:mad: ). Thanks for the advice guys, I think I'll stick with Play in the future though. They may not dispatch (or say they do) quite as early but at least it always turns up in a reasonable amount of time.


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I can only think they ran out off stock on Spiderman as I've had mine for more than a week. I think we all expect a little too much of internet suppliers at times and our standards become a little unrealistic.


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I'd go along with that James.

Personally I regard 7 days as reasonable. 3-5 days as good and 2 days fantastic service. Problem is too many people start to assume Fantastic service is ok, Good service is below par and reasonable service as outrageous.

Just my oppinion.


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Sure stock problems will always happen.

My beef is that they said they were shipping a title on the front of their webpage and on ordering I received an e-mail saying it had been dispatched when it clearly hadn't.


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Why do you assume that they were lying about it having been sent?

A much more likely explanation is that it too that long in the post. It happens quite often.

The only way to quarantee quick delivery is to pay extra to have courier or other specialist delivery. Otherwise you are stuck with the normal postal services with no quarantees. Internet suppliers have no special influence with Royal Mail.


Had the Hammer Horror "To the Devil .. a Daughter" on order from Future, was e-mailed and told it shipped on 17/10, after a week or so I contacted them & was told it actually shipped on 23/10 & it's just arrived today (Halloween!).

Would have been a good choice for tonight's viewing if Episode II hadn't arrived.:cool:



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