Blaze VGA Adaptor problems

Discussion in 'Playstation Forums' started by Frankeh, Oct 25, 2005.

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    When I connect my Projector with my Computer and I choose as input: "Computer" and in a secondary input option: "RGB Analog" (the other option is RGB SCART) everything works as I want it to be! No color problems at all.. BUT

    Actually it isn't the PC I want to connect through VGA.. I want to connect my PlayStation 2 through VGA with my PJ (I have a VGA adaptor for that)
    I had the same problem with the PlayStation 2 (compared to the PC) with the first cable, it was all in blue

    So I connected my PS2 with the Blaze VGA adaptor and the VGA Adaptor with my PJ through the VGA cable..

    (first you have to know something: in the PS2 settings you can choose between "RGB" or "Y-Pb-Pr" I know the second one is component.. when you connect your PS2 with component cables you logically need to choose Y-Pb-Pr as video option, if it's running in RGB mode you won't see anything..)

    I put the settings on RGB and the PJ input: Computer --> RGB SCART
    I have all the colors BUT it looks like it isn't making good contact.. as in: the screen isn't standing still, it's constantly shuddering (you guys know what I'm talking about) BUT I did everything, I blew into the contacts, I even make them clean with a special product made for cleaning contacts etc and it didn't help!

    With the first cable I didn't have anything on my screen.. but with this new cable I have, but as I just said above..

    When I try the setting "Y-Pb-Pr" (on my ps2) and (like above) RGB SCART
    I just got everything in green, not just a green screen.. I see my game but its all in green colors (dark greens, lighter greens etc) I had the same problem like with the other VGA cable, but with that one it was blue...

    djezes what the fudge is that? Can someone help me?

    PS: When i choose Analog RGB I get nothing on my screen.

    PS: Don't ask me why I'm trying to connect my PS2 through VGA, it's because the blaze adaptor is capable of showing higher resolutions.. I'd like to see if it's true
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    Okay - thoughts

    i) - that green colour is a classic symptom of sending component over a connection expecting RGB. Forget trying to use the adapter on component. However it does mean that it's unlikely there is a problem with the connection.

    I can think of three things that might be wrong:
    1 - you are using a game the Blaze adapter does not support
    2 - the PJ does not like whatever VGA resolution the adapter is outputing - seems unlikely but I guess the blaze probably does 640x480 @ 50Hz - conceivable the PJ might only do [email protected]
    3 - you have a slimline PS2 and the Blaze adapter turns out not to work with those (no idea if this is true - seems unlikely you would get a component picture, but still possible I guess)

    Key thing to test is option 1 - it's best if you can find one of the games the adapter claims to support (the list on boot up). The original GTA works particularly well if you have that. Try a few games and see which, if any, work. If you test it with a supported game and still no picture I'd give up.

    PS. If you can get the adapter to work it will genuinely, in some instance, produce a genuine 640x480 picture.

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