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dts borg

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My mate has a new PS2.We have tried the Blaze dvd region free disk with it but cant get passed the FBI screen! I have also tried my region x cd but the PS2 says please use ps2 format disk?

both work fine on my PS2

Can anyone help?

Thanks dts......................;)


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Hi, as far as I can remember, Sony moddified the newer versions of the PS2, so as not to work with Datel's DVD region X. However, I believe if you get the Datel Action Replay for the PS2, this also has the region X included and somehow it works with the newer PS2.

If you do pick up the AR, make sure you can return it if it does'nt work! They may have updated the PS2 further!


dts borg

Active Member
Just got a reply from Blaze...........:rolleyes:

All new playstations with model number 39003 will not work with Blaze region free.........:mad:

Ahh well my mate will just have to go buy a DVD player or wait for the blaze update...........;)


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