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Feb 10, 2004
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Hello all

Well I got my new DAB53 and external aerail fitted and am quite pleased with it. DAB reception is great (Five Live without the hiss!)

I have a few questions for anybody else who has one regarding a few problems I'm haveing.

1. When in FM modde listening to Radio 1 for example, should the unit automatically switch to DAB if it can receive R1 (I have set the DAB switching to AUTO as described in the instruction book) because mine doesn't, or vice versa (switch from DAB to FM when DAB goes out of signal)

2. When in DAB mode with RDS switced on should the radio cut in with travel reports received from an FM station (as it doesn't)

3 Even in FM mode with RDS on it never switches to any travel reports!

4. When listening to MP3 s on CD or the MMC card, after switching engine off, when returning it always reverts back to the begining of the CD or card, not where you left off

Any help/advice greatfully received
Maybe able to answer a couple of your questions, as have a blaupunkt although not DAB.

The reason the CD reverts back to the beginning when you switch the engine off is that you probably don't have a permanent live connection to the unit - mine did the same before i had it changed.

You may not be getting trafic reports as if you are listening to a station that provides there own reports (like Jazz FM) then there won't be any other stations 'cutting in' to give the reports. (got this info direct from Jazz fm)

Alternatively are you sure you have the traffic report option selected?
Originally posted by Richard5
23 Even in FM mode with RDS on it never switches to any travel reports!

You must activate Travel Announcements - TA.

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