Blanket Wifi Throughout 'Big' House (and Granny Flat)


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I've been tasked with blanketing a house in Wifi signals and also, the adjoining "granny flat".

The Granny Flat does not have a phone line, nor does it have network cables running to it. It is approximately 10m away from the nearest room in the main house.

I can only think of Bridging Wifi from the room nearest to this outhouse. But am concerned about the distance, the interference from bad weather aswell as all the other issues tied to Wifi.

Not only do I need to extend the Wifi to this outhouse, but I also need to provide better coverage throughout the main residence, which is quite large!

Say those problems regarding weather, range, etc... dont exist, what options does an ADSL user have?

I'd like to go with 802.11n, but Netgears DG834N has been discontinued, and doesn't appear to have been superceded, though if it has, it's not with a WDS compatible router :(

The only other option I can see, is the Draytek 2820n, which is more than upto the job. But quite expensive. Especially if I was needing 4! (Does WDS require the same hardware?)

Another option would be "generic" router, "generic" AP+Bridge... Say DG834GT (Example) and a handful of WRT54GL's... Do the WRT54GL's operate in AP+Bridge mode?

Can anyone think of any other solutions?


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I'd read the Homeplug FAQ first. (Assuming that the granny flat does not have separate electricity supply?)

I have a prejudice against WDS for technical reasons that have been discussed before on these forums.


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Increasing wifi coverage footprint gets discussed here quite regularly - have a browse through.

There's no magic bullet here, the only way to increase wifi coverage is to install more access points. There's no "super-AP" that does 10 times the coverage of the the others (despite what the marketing people say.) Even if there was, you'd need to change all your clients for "super-clients" with similar capabiliies since wifi is a two way process.

Having put up more AP's, you need to consider how you establish the "backhaul" between them and the rest of you network infrastructure. The best way is to install "proper" data network cables. If domestic harmony forbids, then piggy back the data onto the mains supply with homeplugs (have a read of the Homeplugs FAQ here,) least good is to do backhaul using wifi with "WDS" or wifi bridging. The hassle with the latter is that each additional WDS mode AP halves your throughput (2 AP's =27mbps, 3=13mbps, etc.)

To link the outbuilding, again install a cable is best option, homeplugs if on the same mains circuit, wifi bridge if you have no other choice.
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well then you will have to WDS bridge the link

10m is nothing if you have line of sight and external antennas - I have sucessfully done 24mile links before with 802.11g, for wireless ISPs, many years ago now

the problem you have, is there are not many inexpensive solutions to bridge 802.11n externally yet - the antenna arrays would/are prohibitively expensive (3 antennas per end, at £150 a go etc)

so you are limited to a 54Mbps bridged link should be easy to get full strength though, so a single 54Mbps link will give 12Mbps throughput - more than enough for surfing and ad-hoc network use

you can use any 802.11g APs with external antenna connections for the bridged link - I have some old Netgear WG102s kicking around my house, been running for a few years now 24/7, they would be more than adequate

then as recommended above - in the main house you want an 802.11n router - the DG834N replacement is the DGN2000 and use multiple APs per floor, based on your site survey results :smashin:


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Do all AP's support AP+Bridge mode?

all of the Netgear ones I use regularly do, as do the Ciscos and Proxims

in the early days you had to buy different devices for different roles within the wireless network, but I guess this proved troublesome with production volumes and pricing, hence now the device called "access point" can also be configured as a wireless bridge, wireless ethernet bridge, or repeater

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