Blank Monitor at Boot-up


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I am really struggling to understand this.

I am buliding this new PC with a ASUS V9180 (Nvidia GF4 440MX AGP8x). The card has 2 DVI out. I have one connected to a Pio Plasma (DVI) and one to a 15" flat monitor (DVI-VGA adapter).

On Boot-Up (before Windows XP kicks in) if I have the 15" on, it will stay blank with "no-signal" displayed. If instead I turn the 15" power on JUST AFTER the initial graphic card boot (say 10seconds) than the 15" will display the rest of the Windos boot (including Splash logo and so on)

The other display (Plasma via digital DVI) is always OK and displaying all from the start.

Can this be a bad graphic Card BIOS? and if so how did I get this?



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Is the 15" attached to the 2nd VGA port by any chance?

If so, then more than likely the VGA card will not activate the port if it does not sense a physical device attached.


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yes, it is attached to the 2nd port.

If the 15" (analog) is powered on during initial boot-up it does NOT get sensed. If it is powered off for the first 10 seconds, then it get sensed.

I cannot make any sense of this........

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