Blank DVD-Rs for Panasonic DVD Recorder



Sorry to start a new thread but I am about to order some more disks and I thought it would be useful for me, and others, to know which DVD-R disks were currently being purchased and from whom, and that were guaranteed to be successful on the Panny recorders (20 and 30).

Please just stick to disks that work in these standalone recorders, not ones that work in PC Drives!

Oh, and don't forget to mention the prices!




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You could try

They sell a variety of blank DVD-R's and usually test them on a Panasonic E20 before they put them on the site.

They have a good range of media from cheap (Bulkpaq 44p each) to good quality (Verbatim £2.99 Each) and several brands in between.

I have been using Choice, Traxdata and Verbatim and all 3 haven't given me any problems (though this is on a Pioneer 104)


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Quote: that were guaranteed to be successful on the Panny recorders (20 and 30).

I believe the above is an impossible dream with any cheap media.

I have the E20 and have tried many brands but mostly FWS. All cheap media have produced failures to one degree or another.

Datasafe 100% failure
Traxdata. Ok but sometimes struggles to be read if removed from the machine and returned again before finalization.

eproformance media so far 33% fail

Verbatim 100 % ok so far

FWS now about 10% failure was about 5 % until prices dropped.

Choice brand. 50% failure.

Apart from the more expensive verbatim I just cannot find a cheap DVD-R disc that can be gauranteed to work on the E20. Can't comment on the E30 however....maybe that unit will be more tolorent to cheap media.......time will tell.


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Anyone tried the JVC RAM discs for Pana's? They are the cheapest I've seen at £5.99 a pop. RAM seem the more reliable vis a vis -r


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Further to these questions can anyone tell me if DVD-R's that are 4.7GB and advertised for PC will be OK for the Panasonic as the manual for the recorder only states DVD-R 4.7 as the criteria?
Or is there a difference between the DVD-R's for PC's and the DVD-R's for video similar to the CD-R's for audio problem?


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The Panasonic set top often struggles with cheaper discs rated below x2. I have had mixed results with the cheaper discs on the E20, although they are usually more reliable on a PC burner.

For the set top I recommend branded discs - a bit more expensive but much more reliable. Verbatim have never given me any problems.


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I've tried the cartridgless JVC RAM discs; they work absolutely fine.
Might add that the old whitelabelled BulqPak dvd-rs are the only ones that have failed me; all the other cheapo ones have worked flawlessly...

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