Blank CDRs not recognised


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I have a CD and DVD burner in my PC (Win XP).

The CD burner has always been a bit fussy and sometimes won't recognise CDRs unless ejected and reloaded a few times. The DVD always recognised them first time.

Now I've got a new batch of Maxell printable CDRs and both drives refuse to recognise the disc. I have tried them in 2 different laptop drives with no problems so the discs are ok.

Is this likely to be the drives themselves at fault or a firmware/driver issue? Windows says it cannot find a better match.

Thanks in advance.


Dual layer? dvd-r or dvd+rw ? these things still matter a bit, more so on older kit. Also Printables are always going to be a bit more fussy than plain stds,
If your drives are new then they should be fine with all latest Dyes.. I wouldnt update the firmware needlessly. Its more likely to be the disc's that are the problem, but then it almost cost as much for a 20 pack of discs as it does for a new burner.
Are they printable CDR's? any id markings on them? They could be cheap fakes,
Tryt burning them <somewhere else> and see if the burnt discs read back ok on your drives.
Nero speed or ImgBurn can be used.


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Thanks for the reply.

The dvd burner is an NEC ND4550A, the cd burner a LiteOn 7S52.

I've used Maxell in the past and always found them very good. Why would printables be more fussy? Pretty sure the discs are genuine, they came from shop4usb through Amazon.


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Well, dug out the cd burner from a 10 year old pc in the shed - fitted and working perfectly.
I guess both the old drives are either fussy or on their way out.

spyder viewer

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Since the beginning for me, the only thing that regularly died is the cd/dvd burner. They obviously don't last for ever and as a light user, they clearly weren't worn out.

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