Blade II DVD Is Awesome


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Got my copy of Blade II today and I'll go out on a limb and say it's the best sound yet on a home movie. Previous contenders were the Laserdisc DTS Jurassic Park and the DTS DVD Gladiator but the DTS Blade II is awesome with it's steering and sheer dynamics. The disc offers DD EX and DTS ES but the latter is the only one I've tried up to now, I'm still on regular 5.1 here too so with 7.1 it must be even more impressive.

The DVD comes with 2 discs, the first one offers the movie, commentaries and a soundtrack only feature like the first Blade film. Disc 2 offers every conceivable extra you could hope for, deleted scenes, loads of documentaries.....................again like the first Blade film. Buy it now people :)


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Totaly agree with you,it is an outstanding disc,the pic quality was excellent,expecially in the sewers where i thought it may get tough going!Sound is top notch and all the extras are worthy,the director is a nut too so his commentary track is really good...


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maybe I need to watch this movie again..I rally didn;t rate the sound (either ex or es)..but being a fan of the first I;m sure I'll be able to force myself to watch it again..;)


Watched it last night, and all I can say is WOW.

Both Picture and Sound are excellent, and it really is reference material!!!


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Hear hear. Excellent. Picture quality is up there with the best - sharp, with little or no edge enhancement. Very filmic. Pretty badly positioned layer change is the only real criticism.


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I have to agree with Acocalypse this is one tremendous dvd, its my new reference disc for picture and sound, it blew me away, others will not be disappointed, Blade II has the WOW factor to impress your friends:) enjoy!

cheers Steve

Steve T

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I got it through yesterday but have to wait until I can kick out my wife and 9 month daughter so I can crank the sound up to a suitable level - probably the weekend :mad:

Most frustrating...


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Originally posted by nigel
Pretty badly positioned layer change is the only real criticism.

Agreed, must be the worst ever transition point in DVD history, the best transition so far has to be X-Men (Reg 1) when Wolverine goes into the scanning machine, a newbie wouldn't even notice the change.

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I saw the movie in the pictures and thought it was pretty gash. I absolutely loved the original, but thought the sequel was just a big money cash-in.

I'll still buy the DVD though for the pic and sound quality and those extras. Vampire slaying movies are always cool, but I can't help feeling disappointed with Blade 2 as a movie.


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Had a quick look at my dvd, looks cool, shame my tv is broken.
Am i right to say, they have printed the wrong video ratio on the packaging of R1. It says 2.35:1, but it 1.85:1?.

The bass is mega on the sound.




got my monsters inc today, please god fix my tv now!!


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like nwgarratt says the bass on this movie rocks the house and puts the REL thru its paces'..........and the second dics is in DD as well...great stuff


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I've just finished watching Blade 2 and I thought the sound track was awsume. The dts ES 6.1 discret track is the best I've heard since Gladiator. The picture was just as impressive considering most of the film was shot in dark sewers and buildings. The detail in the dark shadows was excellent with velvet blacks and rich colours.
I remember seeing Blade 2 at the cinema and I thought at the time it was slightly disappointing. I've now changed my mind. What was I thinking?
A great film and a must have disc!



i agree with you popeye blade 2 was better on my home cinema than in the cinema ? the film is not as good as the first 1 but the pic and sound make up for that! this will be my film for showing off the home cinema from now on!
when the vampires die the brightness and colour is wicked,


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I've lost count of the amount of my M8s who have seen the 1st 10 mins of blade 1 round my house and then have gotten into home cinema.............think ill be using this now to WOW them!!!


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pity the film is nothing special...!

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