blade boxset out on 20th nov

Im hoping that maybe we will be trated to a special edition set that will give a dts track and all of the extras for the original film. Anyone heard of such a thing or is that too much hoping!?

£19.38 for blade 1 and 2 :rolleyes: bargin i dont have either of the films was planning to get blade 2 but think i will wait now.
Is this only going to be on region 4 or will it be released on region 1 as well
Quality, I've lost my blade dvd so this is good news. sods law though that I'll find it as soon as I receive this boxset :p

I get the feeling its just the current versions packaged together, i.e. no Blade DTS.
Even so its still not bad £19 for both as it costs £13-16 just for blade 2
It's hardly the 2 disc Blade 2 edition, is it? I don't think it says at the link.
i think it will be the 2 disc blade 2 version myself but i doubt it will be blade 1 dts version.i hope not anyway i just payed 40 pound for that bastard thing lol :D
so it sounds like i will have to keep dreaming about a blade SE!

Just registered to ask a couple of questions concerning the Blade DVD.

Has anyone here got the r1 version of Blade?
If so, what kind of case does it have? Is it like a Warner Bros case or just a normal case? (I hate those Warner Bros cases)
And does it have any extra features to the R2 version?

Just wondering which version to go for

Anyone help out with this?
hey, that's a pretty groovy site, cheers. I think I will now be getting the region 1 boxset of Back to the Future.

As for Blade...hhmmm, the choice of getting R1 with extra features, better cover design, but in the bad snap case (they always catch on my dvd shelf)

Or, the cheaper r2, with less features, poor cover and spine (I hate those EIV spines, they look horrid), but in the better case.

Am I petty?

Yes I am

I've got Blade in both R1 and R2 format, and the latter suffers from some seriously obtrusive edge enhancement (I assume it's edge enhancement - anything red [like the opening titles and Blade's car rear-lights] appear to be very pixellated and jagged around the edges) compared to the R1....and yes, I was sad enough to watch em both in a back-to-back comparison.

Also (IMHO) the sound quality is clearer (especially LFE) on the R1 version.

I don't mind the snapper case that much, to be honest - more concerned with getting better A/V.
The region 4 suffers the same red effect as region 2 unfortunately

To me, the biggest difference from Blade 1 & Blade 2 was the fact that Blade seemed to have switched his shades to Oakley.
(Possibly the coolest eyewear on the planet)

And i noticed that some of the 'messengers' had Oakley's weird
'Over-the-top' range on !

Personally, i think Wes should've worn the X-Metal Mars, (leather-strapped), possibly the coolest shades on the planet !!!!

:) I have 'em........

The REGION 1 version now comes in an amaray case as opposed to those crappy snappers...
impossible i own the coolest pair of shades on the face of the earth X METAL ROMEO :devil: very nice :D
I have the coolest pair of shades on the planet. Mcdonalds 99p ones with the blue arms and black frames. Nice.:cool: :D
lmao@kevb why didnt i think of that i could have saved £199 lol :D
Originally posted by SILVERBACK
lmao@kevb why didnt i think of that i could have saved £199 lol :D
With the money you would have saved. You could have got yourself a Japanese DTS copy of blade for £40 and still had £159 left over.;) :D
lmao i do have a blade dts got it a few weeks ago lol dont suppose you fancy a trade your glasses for mine do you lol if not im off to the trade forums :D lmao

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