blade 2 an its terrible layer change


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Aug 13, 2001
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jesus wept who decided to put the layer change there i thought my player was on its way out.anyone lese agree its a shocker of a layer change :confused:
where abouts is the layer change
Not got mine yet so I'll reserve judgement! :(
However, layer changes do seem to be an overlooked area within disc development, some machines also handle it better, but more thought could certainly be given to the issue by the studio's, is it worth their time and money though? :mad:
It is bad but not as bad as Pulp Fiction, just before the end of the gold watch speach
haven't got my BII yet either but my vote for the worst layer change is the new Yes Symphonic DVD with a layer change in the middle of a track for fcuks sake (what are these people on!!!)
Paul :mad:
Worst layer change of all time has to be Ride with the Devil.

Right in the middle of a word, in the middle of a conversation:mad:

Three minutes later there is a cut in the film which has a fade to black and a cut in the sound for a few seconds:rolleyes:
Anyone out there had any problems with Blade 2 (Region 1 USA Version).
While watching the disc tonight the whole picture froze 3 min 18 sec into chapter 11.
There are no visible scratches or marks on the disc and I've cleaned the disc half a dozen times and it still freezes.
Looks like I'll have to contact Movietyme for a replacement.
Watched my R1 version tonight (from Movietyme - USA version). Didn't think the layer change was all that bad -- I've seen worse! Certainly didn't spoil the movie for me.
Watched it last night and I didn't think the layer change was too bad.
Just a typical looking layer change to me.

It wasn't a very good time in the movie to do one, but given that the movie is all go I don't know when they could have put it.
i have a great place to put the layer change do it like they did with little nicky right at the end of the film when the credits start to roll
Some how I don't think they could fit a 2 hour long movie with DTS and DD soundtracks on one 4.7GB layer of a DVD without major compression.
was a rather pants layer change (I thought the movie had frozen), saying that I really wasn;t impressed with the film anyway, I prefer the first..but that's just my opinion..;)
I watched my US version from Movietyme last night and never noticed the layer change, it a tremendous dvd, the black levels & shadow details are some of the best I've seen for a long time;)

cheers Steve

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