blacks are greenish


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Sounds like you need to turn the green drive down in the colour balance.


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I'm unfamiliar with the Sony so all I can give you is the lowest common denominator:

Go into the setup and look for 'colour balance', 'RGB settings' or similiar. Then adjust the green to get rid of the tint.

Some manufacturers hide these settings and need a combination of button pressed to access them, others just offer two types of setup - service/advanced and standard/basic are usually used to describe them.

You should really be looking at your manual or trying to get hold of one. Hopefully somebody with some Sony experience can offer you more information.


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I doubt your lamp is dying if its only 250hrs old.

Unless the guy you bought it from did a counter reset on the lamp hours. But this normally shows up in the total running time of the projector since it doesn't tally with the lamp life ie.

lamp life = 1000
Projector run time = 2250

You can summise that the unit has had 2 lamps and is now indeed on its 3rd with 250hrs. But if say its something like:

lamp life = 1000
Projector run time = 2900

Then I'd suspect the lamp counter has been 'worked' on.


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Sounds to me like you've been the victim of another ebay scam, with the seller being economical with the truth in the hope of getting more money and more chance of a sale.

By looking round the internet I've found that particular sony model you have has a lamp life of 2000hrs.

Here's the number of lamps its used:

5650 / 2000 = 2.85 (2 lamps and 85% used on the 3rd)

With the figures you have given it seems that its gone through 2 bulbs and is now on its 3rd with another ~350hrs to go until it needs replacing or pops. Its almost certain that the bulb will be reaching the end of its life and could be causing the green push you see in the dark sceens

I hope you didn't pay too much because a new lamp will cost between £200-400. Not even sure if you will be able to get hold of a lamp for a projector thats over 4 years old.

I'd ask the fool who sold it you whats the deal.

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