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blackrain or redsn0w?


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currently have an iPhone jailbroken running 3.0. There are a couple of apps that I fancy but require me upgrading to 3.1.2. I don't have a late model iPhone that will encounter the tethered rebooting problem and I have no intention of unlocking my phone in the near future so I'm not worried about basebands.
Doing as much research as I can, I'm not convinced about blackrain. I believe there is something you can download from cydia to solve the potential youtube and GPs problems, and I have read about resetting the network settings to sort out the wifi problems. The fact these problems exist though make me a tad uncomfortable about using it. I see that redsn0w 0.9 is out in a beta form. Again, the fact its a beta version makes me a tad uncomfortable about using it. I don't use my jailbreak for much these days, just SBsettings and custom text alerts, but I don't really want to give it up. Am I being a bit too panicky about blackrain/redsn0w? Which one is best? I've always used the dev-team jailbreaks so I'm sort of thinking I'd like to stick with what I know. Any advice peeps?



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markonline1 said:
blackrain/redsn0w? Which one is best?

There's only one way to find out.
Fiiiiight :D

I have BlackSn0w running on my 3G since it was released. No issues with wifi, youtube, GP2 etc. Maybe I was lucky or maybe it's only 3GS I don't know, but you haven't said what model you have.


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i'm using a 3GS and i'm in the same boat.
was hoping Apple would show off iPhone OS 4.0 at yesturdays event but it didn't happen - so i think it's time to move to 3.1.2.

i'm currently running 3.0.2 jailbroken via redsn0w and i also would prefer to stick with the dev team, but the beta is a little worrying.

i should also note that i use five icon dock and five column springboard so i'm still using iTunes 8.2 because i've heard the app organisation added in iTunes 9 onwards can cause problems with this.
is this true or is there a fix for this? and if not is it safe to use the latest resn0w beta with iTunes 8.2?

any help would be great.


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I was in the same situation with my 3gs running a redsn0w JB on 3.1 and I wanted to upgrade.

I simply found a custom 3.1.2 off the net and shift-restored in itunes.

no need for blackra1n or redsn0w since it was already jb`d it accepted the custom firmware no problems.

Job done and took an hr or so to resync all my apps/photos/movies unlock etc.


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A custom firmware is the best way if you're previously jailbroken, imo.

Other than that, all the new tools including blackra1n and the new redsn0w are fine for everyone but IPT3 and newer 3GS users. They're not likely to get any additional assistance now.


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Just a quick question?

I have jailbroken a few of my iphones, but my mate wants me to do his (which is diff to any of mine) so obv want to make sure everything goes ok.

He has a 3G, more than likely on an older 3.x firmware and has never jailbroken before, is the best approach to upgrade him via HIS itunes (as to allow him to re sync afterwards) to 3.1.2 and then use blackrain (easiest jailbreak technique I have used by far)?

Just looking for re-assurance really?



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Use PkgBackup to well, back everything up and use SBOrganizer to put it all back in the order you had it.

Job done :thumbsup:


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just thought i'd let the others looking to update here that i made the plunge last night.
seemed to work pretty painlessly with blackra1n. i just updated via iTunes to 3.1.2 and then ran blackra1n from my macbook. once that'd finished just open the iPhone app and install Cydia.
worked great!
i didnt end up using pkgbackup or sborganiser in the end, so just took a while to get all my cydia mods back on, but now all is working well!


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Took the plunge and updated to 3.1.2 last night. In the end, I used redsn0w 0.9 which is now out of beta to jailbreak. Simple process as before. As I have the old 3G, not experiencing any of the reported problems, which is good.


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Hi guys,
Didn't want to start a new thread for a newbie question lol
Just got my first iPhone (3G) which was already jailbroken and unlocked using Blackra1n, the cydia app is installed but it takes around 50 seconds to load and the keyboard in it lags by 3 or 4 seconds per press.
Can I uninstall and reinstall cydia or even just uninstall it and install it again at a later date as im not to bothered about customizing my phone at the moment.



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Might be worth installing Rock from Cydia and then just using that instead - it's quite a bit quicker loading up and doesn't have that annoying keyboard lag when searching. You can install pretty much all the same stuff as Cydia and Rock also has a built in backup for your jb apps.


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Might be worth installing Rock from Cydia and then just using that instead - it's quite a bit quicker loading up and doesn't have that annoying keyboard lag when searching. You can install pretty much all the same stuff as Cydia and Rock also has a built in backup for your jb apps.
Cheers mate but how do I uninstall cydia exactly and is it ok to not have either installed?

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