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Hi Guys.

I am looking at buying a Blackberry for my wife that is sim free, so she can use her O2 PAYG sim that's in her old mobile.

I just need to know, will she be OK to receive email and use the internet via Wifi from our BT wireless router with no charge to sim? if that makes sense.

I assume that once she leaves the house that the Blackberry will be just a mobile, which is fine as I don't want the device to start trying to grab email etc and start using her P&G credit.

Sorry If this message seems a bit confusing, I have spoken to the O2 shops and they are only interested in selling me the bolt-on for £14 a month so she can get mail and internet access all the time etc.

Thanks for any help and advise.
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You need the Blackberry data addon to be able to setup email, regardless of how it connects. You wont be able to do it over WiFi without this I'm afraid. O2 are correct in saying you need their Blackberry Bolt-On, but it's not an O2 decision it's a fundamental requirement of Blackberry.

My recommendation would be a switch to Simplicity if this is something you want to do for her. The £14/month + PAYG topups would quickly pass the cheapest Blackberry Simplicity deal from O2 in terms of cost per month.


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I'm not usually one to offer advise (I usually ask for it) but I've been in a similar situation.

If you get a Blackberry from the Carphone Warehouse, they usually come unlocked to any network. The 8520 on PAYG is just £124.95 (you choose a network). This in my opinion would be a cheaper option then finding a SIM free phone, but I assume you are looking for a model with Wifi (the Curve 3G is £200)

You can also get a T-Mobile PAYG SIM which comes with free BB bolt on and internet for 6 months, which is a pretty good deal. You should be able to port her number from O2 to T-Mobile without any problems.

Once the 6 months is up, you can get a 6month BB bolt on for £20 from t-mobile, so the total outlay for 12months would just be £20 + the price of the handset. Much better than paying £14p/m with O2.

Not sure how the two compare in terms of PAYG call charges and texts but they should be pretty similar.
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