Blackberry on PAYG question before purchase.


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Hi ,

Was just on the verge of purchasing an 8900 Curve sim free when I read a review on Amazon that there is an issue with it on O2 PAYG. In short a reviewer said that he could not get GPS and emails to work and could also not get Facebook to work. He went on to say that he needed to buy a BB plan. Can anyone confirm this . I have searched here but cannot get a finite answer. This phone is for my wife who has a Tesco Sim and AFAIN it runs on O2 network.

Basically I want this phone to work with Tesco PAYG with GPS, email etc out of the box.

My question is will it and are there any issues I should be aware of?


For everything to work like a BlackBerry typically would work, you will need a BlackBerry Internet Service add-on from your network. It will probably cost £5-£10 a month.

This internet service add on enables you to:

1) Browse the internet
2) Connect up to 10 email inboxes to have emails pushed directly to you
3) Chat with other people with BlackBerries for free using BlackBerry Messenger
3) Access the BB App Store

Its worth it :smashin:


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If you want to use Blackberry on PAYG, you are restricted to Orange or T-Mobile.
In my opinion, it would be better to get the equivalent non-Blackberry handset if you wanted to use one with Tesco's data plan.


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Blackberry on PAY AS YOU GO or orange is a must buddy!

my dad, mum and sister all have BBs but on orange pay as you go and you only top up £5 for the service every month and you get unlimited internet email browse!!!! all apps work for them they are loving it!!!

so defo go for it! but dont go for the 8900! go for the Bold buddy!

philip birdi

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Is the blackberry bold 9700 available on pay as you go?
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