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Blackberry Messenger - any other phones have the same?


Established Member
Currently have a Blackberry Torch (9800) and enjoy using Blackberry Messenger..... in fact i use it quite a lot!!

However, the phone is a little light on Apps and not the fastest processor. I do not want an Iphone andke the look of the Samsungs/HTC's etc.

Do these (or others) have a similar messenger to Blackberry Messenger??


Distinguished Member
Not really. Not in terms of a dedicated and proprietary BBM-style service anyway.

And there aren't any Apps around that allow a non-Blackberry smartphone to use BBM either, it's very much a Blackberry only service.

What you're left with is text and media messaging, email, instant messengers like Google Chat, MSN or any of the other instant messaging platforms. These only really come into their own when everyone you want to talk to is on them though.


. These only really come into their own when everyone you want to talk to is on them though.

A bit like BBM then.

My daughter keeps pecking me for a BB because some of her friends have them and use BBM. However she'll be keeping her Moto Defy for a while as its gone through the wars and is still in one piece.

Teenagers = Total and utter lack of mechanical sympathy!


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Exactly like BBM, which is a problem if that's what you're mates use. It would be a tough sell to get them all to change to something else.


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Have you tried pingchat? I use it for talking to my girlfriend on her blackberry from my ip4, but I'm waiting for the galaxy s2 to arrive this week so will get it for that.


Prominent Member
Yes, WhatsApp works on all handsets plus RIM has also been actively looking into making BBM available on Android and iPhone :eek:


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i think it is because of apps like 'whats app' that made them think of expanding and stop competitors taking customers away.


Distinguished Member
RIM did shoot down the story about BBM being made available on other platforms. That doesn't mean it wont happen, just don't hold your breath.


Standard Member
LiveProfile is also available which has a very familiar 'BBM' Style to it, you get your very own Pin also. It's free and available on iOS, Android and BlackBerry.

The only problem I have with WhatsApp is that you have to have the persons mobile number to chat to them which seems a little pointless, this is where LiveProfile comes in.

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