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Blackberry KeyONE


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Just wondering whether anyone here has bought a BB KeyOne at all recently and has any comments on it at all?

Having my Nexus 5X recently suffer the bootloop issue, I'm in the market for something new and the KeyOne appeals because it's something a little different. I've never owned a BB before and haven't had a physical KB device for about a decade now! So comments would be welcome :)


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It's a great device and I like physical keyboards because of the accuracy and shortcuts which you can't do with touchscreen keyboards. The keyboard also doubles as a trackpad for scrolling and text selection. The Android buttons are a bit easy to accidentally hit though when using the top line of keys which can be a little frustrating.

If you've not used a BlackBerry before, bear in mind that it's geared more towards business use rather than media and it does the whole mobile office thing better than anyone else. BlackBerry Hub is the central app that handles all messages, notifications and emails and it's worth checking out the vids to see how it works. Personally, I don't mind it too much but prefer having all my emails, messages and notifications separated instead of lumped into one place by default. Others swear by it.

Battery life is exceedingly good. Depending on usage, you can measure it in days rather than hours. Software updates are also frequent, much more than other phones. BlackBerry is built around security (one of the reasons they came to Android so late is because they had to figure out how to make it secure) so patches are timely and well supported.

Camera is very good, perfectly fine for me but I wouldn't say it's the best. Then again though, it's not trying to be. You can use it to scan documents and take decent pics and there's lots of camera options I've never bothered to use which let you tweak the images.

It's quite a big device, much larger than the pictures would suggest so it's worth nipping down to a shop and handling it in the flesh :smashin:

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