Blackberry ID - Set Up My Kids


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My kids (aged 8 & 10) just got BB Curves for Christmas.

I'm setting up BB IDs for the free apps. Should I use my email address & sign both in using this or give them their own IDs using their own email address's. I will not be putting any credit on for the apps at all.

I've been reading about BB Protect and wonder how the accounts would affect this.



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If you use one email address there will be some but not all Apps that can be shared. Others need a licence and only work on one device and will automatically de-activate on the other should you try and run them on both. You don't get the same benefit as you would with Android or iOS where one account can be used on multiple devices for application sharing.

Also, your BlackBerry ID will become a fundamental part of the BlackBerry experience in the future, almost but not entirely replacing the device PIN in some cases. This probably wont affect the use of these Curves, but will be an increasing pattern from now on.

You are also right to mention BB Protect and that sort of service, which is linked to your account as well as device. So I'd recommend separate ID's, it will be easier to manage. You can still link that to a shared PayPal account if you wanted to keep a lid on payments.
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