Black Wireless Headset..?


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I am in the market for a new webcam/chat solution and came across the Microsoft LifeChat headset.
Externally this is exactly the same as the Xbox Wireless Headset and comes with its own Wireless Receiver, which is also externally identical to the Wireless Gaming Receiver.
Both solutions operate on 2.4Ghz RF the only difference is that the LifeChat is available in 360 Elite matching black but I cannot tell if the LifeChat has the 4 connection lights as per the Xbox headset.

This brings into debate the level of interoperability between Xbox and PC accessories. Microsoft have made Xbox accessories compatible with the pc but nothing happens the other way around..? It will be interesting to see this in more detail.

oh - and the price for the LifeChat is £31. The Xbox headset will cost you £30 with an additional £15 for the Gaming Receiver (all prices from


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I am aware that this headset has the 4 connection lights, but am still not sure whether or not it will work in the same way as the 360 one does. So that I can use it hassle free with xbox live. Has anybody tried using this on their xbox??

Many thanks.


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after testing with the Xbox 360 itself I can't find a way to pair the headset with the 360

That part of the link would actualy suggest that it isn't exactly the same as otherwise it would surely pair with the 360 easily. Whereas, they don't seem to have managed it.


Bad News. The black wireless headset that is sold with the matching "Xbox 360 wireless reciever for windows" is NOT compatible with the actual xbox 360.
When both the 360 and the headset are turned on, the headset just continually searches for the signal, but never finds one. Plugging the "wireless reciever for windows" into the xbox doesn't help; in fact it causes an instant lockup of the 360.


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Thats frustrating to hear, I have an elite and really want a wireless headset but cant bring myself to buy a white one, it just wont look right.
Sad I know but its just the way I want things, Black Elite, Black Controller, Black Headset, its not too much to ask is it MS.:mad:


Damn I was hoping for a great matchign combo. :-( Ah well maybe one day they'll sort it out!

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