Black on the 360



Morning all,

Now due to the massive lack of decent games to play on the 360 I'm thinking of buying a normal Xbox game, in this case 'Black'.

Now was wonfdering if anyone knew if 'Black' was compatible on the 360? I have the premium version with the hard drive.

Note to MicrosFAT and the software developers, please get your finger out and start putting decent games on the Market! Starting to think the 360 is a waste of money!!!


Is there any reason for why it's not!!

OMG! Xbox 360 is really turning out to be [email protected]!

Can someone please suggest a good game on the Xbox 360 and non360 but will play on the 360...

:eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek:


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Ive liked the release games so far but aint bothering going into that debate :boring:
Anyhow theres plenty decent looking games coming out this month so i wouldnt bother buying a xbox myself but if you still want one id look at ebay as might get cheap one there.
The whole backwards compatibilty of the 360 is a big let down though wasting loads room on the hard drive for a start and you expect all new released xbox games working really :thumbsdow the Playstation 2 was far better in this department playing almost every game from ps1 straight away :smashin:


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they are probably going to do a port over onto the 360 so making it backwards comp. wit hthe standard version would be a big mistake as it would affect sales once the 360 version comes out.... same with Toca 3... of course all this could be wrong and MS just need to release a patch!


Black 2 on the Xbox 360 in a few years. Just be patient.

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