black 'n' white output trying to record from 8mm camcorder


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Hello all,

Looking for some advice about how best to solve this problem I'm having.

I've got an old camcorder (Samsung VP-W80U, it's either Video8 or Hi-8 format) and I'm trying to digitize our tapes for posterity.

I've got 2 different tools - a StarTech video capture/pass through device (sorry I don't have the model number to hand, can post it later if it helps) which has a variety of inputs including component YpbPr but nothing marked Composite (Which is what the camera's default cable outputs). I also have a Roxio Easy VHS to DVD set (Version 2 I think, it's quite old).

Now the StarTech one, I can plug the composite video into the Y input of component (I've read that's not an unusual way for hardware to handle both types of input without duplicating the sockets), and I do get a picture, but it's greyscale. The camera did have a greyscale special effect but I've double checked on a TV and the source video's definitely in colour. I'm not sure if the composite is simply acting as the luminance in this case (i.e. the hardware isn't recognising and supporting composite), or if it's essentially working as best it can, and the output is greyscale for another reason (some PAL/NTSC issue? Camera is almost certainly PAL, not sure about the StarTech device as I didn't buy it, simply saved it from the bin).

So that's not completely unworkable but it's far from ideal obviously. So there's the Roxio device as well, and I suspect if anything's going to work it will, as its sold to be easy, and only has composite and s-video inputs. My issue with this is slightly more blunt - apparently it came with a serial number for the software, and that seems to be the one thing I don't have (the disc was loose in the box without it's sleeve, which I've almost certainly thrown out). I did buy this myself although this is the first time I can remember properly trying to use it. Frustrating! Wonder why they need this level of security when the product requires the actual hardware dongle to work.

I think I can sum up the help I need with these three questions:

1 - Is there something obvious I can fix to make the StarTech capture device work in colour for composite?
2 - Is there any other free software I can try the Roxio capture device with?
3 - Do you think my Samsung VP-W80U can output another form of video like s-video, if I had the right cable?

Any general advice would be appreciated too. I'm trying to get this done so I can show it to the family at christmas a little more easily.

Thanks for reading!


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It's possible that the StarTech device can be re-configured to accept composite video. Have you checked for some DIP switches inside? There might also be software for your device download-able from StarTech. It was probably in the original package.

As for the Roxio, I am presently doing chat and email battle with them over my Easy VHS to DVD3 product which I bought a year or so ago. I'm now trying to get it to work but find that it is incompatible with Windows 10. The computer sees it and correctly identifies it, but the software won't talk to it. To your point, I doubt if either of us is going to find third party s/w that will make these things work. I suspect the iron-clad security springs from Roxio's roots as a Corel product-line. They would be very concerned about keeping a lid on illegal duplication of their mega-buck graphics packages.

But, did you by any chance ever come up with a solution?


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But, did you by any chance ever come up with a solution?

I took John7's advice, bit the bullet and bought yet another video converter. This one:
(Was £15.99 at the time, seems to be more expensive now)

It did the job just fine - not the most satisfying outcome since I now have at least one useless bit of hardware, but based on what you're saying, I may have avoided throwing (more) good money after bad, since I'm also using Windows 10. :)

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